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From Martin Weber <>
Subject [ANNOUNCEMENT] Cayenne within another (different) framework
Date Tue, 05 Jan 2010 17:19:19 GMT
Dear all,

I'm glad to share with those who have an interest in getting started 
with cayenne and java multi tier applications (small to medium size) in 
general a different framework.

I've created a project on sourceforge which is called "yafra" - see As main entry point I've 
created On sourceforge I've released almost all 
sources as the initial draft (the apache wicket example needs still some 
clean up but I hope to release the source soon - however you will find 
the windows release already as a distribution and I could not start on 
the mobile part at all).

The framework is not a reusable package as such, it's more a sort of a 
template for a database centric application with different clients 
within different environments. You take it (I even refer to copy/paste) 
and build your own application with it, you use what you need and ignore 
the rest. Due to my own needs I preferred to stick to lean core 
frameworks like apache cayenne or wicket or openejb, of course those can 
be updated or even replaced with some work. You have many better 
alternatives like spring framework, but for my need I could not find 
something focusing on java and not on configuration or customization and 
I believe that I could achieve with this combination the right "toolset" 
for small or medium database applications.

I'm not 100% convinced about the usage of EJB's for the distributed 
clients (like the Eclipse RCP fat client), however I miss features from 
EJB in Hessian (like sessions or stateful objects) and I did not want to 
introduce the spring framework. This led to Open EJB 3.1 with singleton 
support and to an additional abstraction layer on all cayenne objects. 
This is not perfect but it fits the need at this moment. I could see in 
the future distributed OSGi as a good enhancement for remoting wth cayenne.

As I worked alone so far you will find issues/improvements on the 
concept or bugs in the code. But I thought it's still feasible to 
release it as early as possible as I always searched for good examples 
for different problems and the framework solves some of them.

Everything is released under Apache License Version 2.

To get in contact please use

I hope some of you find something useful within the project !


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