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From Andrey Razumovsky <>
Subject Re: Cayenne code generation - pointers requested
Date Thu, 28 Jan 2010 09:49:54 GMT
Cool, didn't know about BeanModel.. I'm never used GXT. We've wrote quite a
lot of code in GWT-Ext (and it supports JSON).. This is raw and abandoned
project, and I hate it more and more each day (and also I will never anymore
use wrapper library, like SmartGWT). Still I've been unable to persuade my
manager to spend several dollars for a licence :( Looks like now I have one
more reason to do it.
As about beans on client, I've been dreaming about something like ROP for
GWT. For now we can do the task of converting the objects to POJOs, this
must be quite easy. Still I'm not sure, how you're going to decide what part
of Cayenne object graph is to be sent on client (this is what I use XML
descriptions BTW)

2010/1/28 John Armstrong <>

> I'm using GXT which has a pretty strong preference for its own
> 'BeanModel'  (thin wrapper around a javabean that understands GXT) for
> grid population etc.
> That (in my mind) means I am either serializing Cayenne Models -> JSON
> -> BeanModels or just going from Cayenne Model -> BeanModel so I
> decided to skip the JSON step.
> Outside of easy GXT integration the only other thing I get are
> enumerations (supposedly) which I use in a few important places in my
> models.
> Does that make sense? I haven't done much straight GWT which is much
> different then GXT so the interactions may be different.
> I am very interested in what you are doing, finding someone using GWT
> and Cayenne is not so common!
> John-
> On Thu, Jan 28, 2010 at 12:43 AM, Andrey Razumovsky
> <> wrote:
> > I'm currently using Cayenne and GWT. I think the question should be if it
> is
> > worth it to convert server beans to client beans. Do you really need data
> > objects on client side? With a lack of reflection they cannot be easily
> used
> > in UI. I think this only produces unneeded convertion.
> > What I do is convert CDOs to JSON on server side, this is done with
> > XML-based descriptions (which look much like json-taglib, but are
> > standalone) and use only JSON-based data on client side.
> > What do you think?
> >
> > 2010/1/28 John Armstrong <>
> >
> >> I'm finding myself generating a lot of Beans that mirror my cayenne
> >> entities (plus Dozer mappings) as I delve into GWT.
> >>
> >> This is crying out for automation and I'm sure a few others would
> >> enjoy it. It may even make Cayenne very GWT Friendly.
> >>
> >> To move this ball forward (for me minimally) can anyone point me to
> >> either some sort of sample implementation of Cayenne velocity template
> >> based code generation (or whatever is being used in 3.0) or a pointer
> >> to where in the source code a sample template/generator lives that I
> >> can explore?
> >>
> >> Tx. My fingers are getting sore-
> >> John-
> >>
> >
> >
> >
> > --
> > Andrey
> >


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