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From Joe Baldwin <>
Subject Nested ObjectContext or something else?
Date Mon, 23 Nov 2009 21:38:10 GMT
I have a problem with a custom logging class created for use with my JSP's.  

I am using a factory method from my custom Java class to create log entries via a Cayenne
entity.  The factory methods create a log entry and immediately commit changes to the ThreadObjectContext.
 This works fine, except that in some error conditions, I might want to rollback changes (as
well as log the exceptional condition).

So if I log the exceptional condition using the ThreadObjectContext, it appears that I will
subvert the subsequent rollback for that same exceptional condition (i.e. I won't be able
to rollback changes).

So I thought that a child context might be handy.  However, I can't figure out how to properly
manage the scope in a JSP/Library situation.  For example: it is easy to get the ThreadObjectContext
for a library, and it is easy to create a child context, but then you would be creating a
child context for every INSERT (which the Cayenne docs discourage).

Then, I was considering managing my own singleton to store this child context, but this could
get complicated with the ThreadObjectContext. So before I did this I thought I would ask if
Cayenne has a more standard approach.


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