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From MiloŇ° Bielik <>
Subject DataContext, webapp and serialization
Date Fri, 30 Oct 2009 10:53:42 GMT
Hi cayenne users

We do not use default cayenne shared configuration approach. We use more
cayenne FileConfiguration-s in our webapp development (have to merge
more domains manually in the runtime: framework's with custom),
cayenne.xml files are stored in different locations not in the classpath.

Webapp works fine. But when web container (Tomcat) reloads or migrates
sessions (eg. to another instance) HttpSessions are
serialized/deserialized. At this moment our *sesion scoped* DataContext
is trying to wake up from deserialization, unfortunatelly it tries to
init default shared configuration. Of course, exception is thrown.

How can we make DataContext instances re-initialize correctly and bind
to our custom configuration?

Milos White Bielik

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