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From Joe Baldwin <>
Subject Memory Management using Tomcat
Date Wed, 16 Sep 2009 18:11:13 GMT

I have asked this question a number of ways but I still have a very  
serious problem with Cayenne-specific memory management configuration  
associated with Tomcat.

The problem with debugging is that given that I have very little  
visibility into the Cayenne memory management it is extremely  
difficult to debug this using conventional strategies.  Also I am not  
requesting anything from the system that is terribly exceptional so I  
am attempting to use default settings as much as possible.

My strategy is to ask the experts for a Cayenne configuration and  
standard memory management steps I should take to conform to the new  
Cayenne memory management design intentions.

1. I have essentially a webstore, three tier design with Tomcat,  
Cayenne and MySQL.
2. When after only a few queries of products, tomcat freezes up and  
reports out of memory errors.

I have attempted to configure the caching strategy ask best as I can  
understand from the docks but this only gets me a few more hours of  
usage before the out of memory errors.  (I tried the SHARED_CACHE).  
The NO_CACHE strategy is worse.

I would appreciate a set of steps (aka a primer) that should handle a  
website with a lot of fetches of hundreds of data objects (i.e.  
products) and very few updates.

Note: My gut feeling is that I am not properly managing the data  
object array properly and it is leaking memory.

I would appreciate any input, but I would first like to know what the  
minimum require steps are for managing at data object result set  
ArrayList so as to properly cache and then properly free the memory  
after it is no longer needed.

Context: Tomcat, MySQL, Cayenne 3.0M6

Joe Baldwin

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