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From "Lucas Holt" <>
Subject Strange behavior with Cayenne
Date Thu, 10 Sep 2009 15:07:03 GMT
I have a table, projects, that consistently causes me grief with Cayenne. 
When creating a new object, it seems to work but never changes the state
of the object in cayenne.  Thus, next time I try to do any operation
requiring commitChanges(), it tries to insert the record again and fails.

I can't figure out what is wrong.  I found that after the commit I can do
a rollback to clean up the state, but I suspect there's something else
happening.  This was initially occurring with 2.0.4, so I switched over to
Cayenne 3.0M6 last night.  The same behavior is occurring with the new

Here's the create code:
proj = (Projects) dataContext.newObject(Projects.class);

dataContext is created with  dataContext =
DataContext.getThreadDataContext(); above (and initialized with a filter
in the servlet container)

I've used Cayenne Modeler to setup the relationships.

Here's the map for that table (with only the catalog name changed)

   <db-entity name="projects" catalog="hiddentoprojectinnocent">
                <db-attribute name="company_id" type="TINYINT"
                <db-attribute name="office_id" type="SMALLINT"
                <db-attribute name="project_id" type="BIGINT"
isPrimaryKey="true" isGenerated="true" isMandatory="true"
                <db-attribute name="project_name" type="VARCHAR"
isMandatory="true" length="255"/>
                <db-attribute name="start_date" type="DATE"/>

No cayenne exceptions are getting thrown when I call commitChanges()

The environment is MySQL 5.1.35, Tomcat 6.0.20, Java 6, Apache Click

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