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From gilbertoca <>
Subject Re: [Modeler] DbEntity:Primery Key:PK Generation Strategy - Is there any option for natural primary key?
Date Thu, 10 Sep 2009 12:37:28 GMT

Aristedes Maniatis-2 wrote:
> I don't think using meaningful primary keys is something we want to
> encourage so much that we put a checkbox in the GUI for it. 
Where did you see this intention in my question?

Aristedes Maniatis-2 wrote:
> The alternative method of creating them is easy enough.
So, what is the difference?

Aristedes Maniatis-2 wrote:
> You don't need a PK generation strategy since, as the page you reference
> states, you just need to put data in the PK field before you commit the
> object. 
Again, where did you see this intention in my question? I don't think we are
talking the same thing.
Oh my God, I've forgot to mention that I modeling[1] and not doing reverse
engineer from a existent database.

I think 
DbEntity:Primery Key:->"PK Generation Strategy"  is the option I have to tel
cayenne modeler not generate any pk strategy for my table. The existent
options [Default, Database-Generated and Custom Sequence] are strategies,
but I don't want anyone! I have other alternative in Generate DB
Schema:Options->Create PK Support, but it is for all my tables and I have
only two tables with natural key.

Aristedes Maniatis-2 wrote:
> It is up to you to ensure that it is unique, deal with threading and
> collisions.
Are you saying that even though my table has the primary key - it doesn't
matter natural or surrogate key - cayenne won't ensure that it is unique?

One more question. While creating my DbEntities I didn't see an option for
Unique Key Constraint. Is it a manual task?

Thanks for you attention,


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