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From Joe Baldwin <>
Subject Configuring Caching 3.0M6
Date Sat, 06 Jun 2009 17:26:01 GMT
I am attempting to learn how to control and configure caching.  I have  
hit some obstacles and need some insight to better understand this.

Question 1:
  I have set "Use Shared Cache" to TRUE via Cayenne Modeler.  How can  
I verify (via live code)  the state of the Cache mode/strategy?

Second, I read the docs "Configuring Caching Behavior" and it appears  
to assert that the "Cache Configuration" panel of the Modeler is used  
to set the default caching strategy to Shared True/False. If I  
understand this, then it appears that the "Use Shared Cache" parameter  
propagates to all DataDomains.

Question 2:
After reading this and the docs on Query Cache Strategy, I am have  
difficulty reconciling the two.  (In fact, after messaging a number of  
live objects, I have convinced myself that I have absolutely no idea  
what Cache strategy that I have actually configured.  :) )   So I  
think the first order of business is to ask how to reconcile the  
default cache for the DataDomain (controlled by the modeler) with the  
Query cache (controlled in the code), and also how do I ask Cayenne  
objects for the current settings.


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