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From Joe Baldwin <>
Subject Faulting Behavior with setPageSize() and Sort Ordering
Date Tue, 16 Jun 2009 17:31:24 GMT
This is a question concerning making performance enhancements with  
Cayenne directives.

Lets say you use the following SelectQuery method


But then you decide to sort order the result list using

	Ordering order = new Ordering(<entity>.<attribute>_PROPERTY, true);

If I understand the docs, then the purpose of setting the PageSize  
parameter is to reduce the work load (and increase performance) by  
limiting fetching to the first "RowsPerPage" amount of data-objects.

I am wondering whether performing a sort ordering on the resultList  
triggers *all* the page and object faults.  If I am correct then sort  
ordering would render setPageSize moot in this scenario.

Is my analysis correct or has Cayenne somehow avoided this?  (Or is  
there another way to do sort ordering?)


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