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From Peter <>
Subject Re: Remote Example
Date Sat, 25 Apr 2009 12:00:50 GMT
Hi Andrus, Hi Aristedes!

Thanks for your quick answers!

Now my 'tutorial' and my problem follows.

After downloading the remote example in 2.0.4 I build the client with
the following deps:
other dependencies from [1]

and the server with:
derby*.jar (grabbed the latest version from www)

the context I set is: path="/"

before I started the server I created the schema within the DB:
1. Start the CayenneModeler
2. Open the cayenne.xml within
3. Upgrade from version 1.1
4. Go to tools->preferences->local datasource->new
add derby to the classpath; no login or password necessary
5. Validating Project should be okay.
6. Finally create the schema via: Tools->Generate Database Schema
(select UntitledDomainNode before)

Now close the modeler under windows and start the webapp with jetty or
reconfigure the client authentication for tomcat otherwise you will get
sth. like [2].

You should see a simple page with "Artists:No artists found" if you go
to localhost:8080

But the client quits now with an exception [3] - nothing happend to the
Whats wrong? Should I use an older hessian jar or sth. like this?
It seems to me that also other people had problems with this [4].
I will try now the example ...


only some jars are necessary ...
And for hessian I tried 3.0.13, 3.0.20 and 3.1.6

[2] cannot retry due to server authentication,
in streaming mode

[3] Server returned HTTP response code: 500 for URL:


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