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From Andrus Adamchik <>
Subject Re: JPA Question
Date Fri, 16 Jan 2009 10:53:36 GMT
Hi Chad,

First a piece of important information on JPA & Cayenne. We don't have  
sufficient resources now to finish a compliant provider in 3.0.  
Passing Sun TCK is the only legal way for us to include a provider in  
the *final* release of 3.0. So JPA won't be in 3.0-final and the JPA  
work is now on hold, while we are finishing "Cayenne classic" tasks.

Now specifically answering your question about annotations. There is  
no functionality in place to port an existing Cayenne mapping to  
annotated classes. It was planned as a part of the JPA work which as I  
mentioned above is currently on hold.

So please keep using Cayenne API and the Modeler. This is not going  
anywhere, and in fact is being actively developed and greatly improved  
in many ways in 3.0 [1].

Also a general JPA note: we are looking for volunteers to develop JPA  
provider. If somebody has interest in doing that, please speak up on  
the dev list. The current set of committers is simply too happy with  
Cayenne API to care about JPA :-)



On Jan 15, 2009, at 10:40 PM, Chad Smith wrote:

> I'm currently using 2.0.4 but I'm curious about migrating to v3 b/c  
> I'm interested in using an annotations based persistence model.  My  
> assumption was that I could do the following ...
> - download Cayenne 3
> - import an existing data model
> - and re-generate all the classes
> ... my expectation was that I would see annotations in the cayenne  
> generated super classes ... but it doesn't look like that is the  
> case.  I tried various different generation modes but none of that  
> seems to generate the actual annotations.
> I downloaded and browsed through JPA example project and I noticed  
> that the base classes contain annotations but I don't see how they  
> got there.
> What up?
> Thanks in advance.
> :~)
> Chad

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