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Subject Re: Request For Pointer In Right Direction (newbie)
Date Thu, 09 Oct 2008 16:14:05 GMT

I see what you are thinking.

Run a Robot script from the stable version, export the data (XML 
file) the analogous script from the unknown version, export its 
data...and compare.  Then restore to the stable state and move on to 
the next script.

Thank you for the pointer!

I still would like to somehow automate the Robot script for the stable 
version to the analogous script from the unknown version.  We have 
quite an investment in the existing test scripts.


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From: Mike Kienenberger <>
Sent: Thu, 9 Oct 2008 10:51 am
Subject: Re: Request For Pointer In Right Direction (newbie)

Have you looked at DbUnit?

I use an in-memory database (Hsqldb currently) and dbunit for testing
database expectations.

On 10/9/08, <> wrote:
> Hi, All:
>  Background --
>  We have an existing (successful) product that has a VB interface.
>  We are changing to a Java UI, with Cayenne as the ORM interface to 
the MS
> SQL database and Eclipse as the RCP.
>  We have existing automated test scripts (IBM Rational Robot) and some
> manual (in text files...and probably some in the testers' minds).  
You know
> the story.  I want to capitalize on what is already there, tweaking as
> necessary, and then supplement with my own once I understand any 
> mechanisms that have been put into place.
>  I have been tasked to verify the first release of the new Java UI, 
> mainly on the database (that the database has not been corrupted by 
the new
> UI).
>  My question is this....
>  Where would I look to learn more about how I might use the existing 
> scripts (automated, files) and create my own to verify that the 
database has
> not been corrupted?  What are the terms?  Has anyone blazed this path
> before?
>  I know that this is a somewhat broad question, and I will also post 
> the Eclipse mailing list (since it may involve going one layer 
"outside" of
> Cayenne), but I'm really trying to become familiar with tools that 
help me
> test.
>  Thank you,
>  Theresa

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