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From "Matt Crouch" <>
Subject cayenne-tutorial
Date Sat, 25 Oct 2008 22:33:47 GMT
I  have several questions about the cayenne-tutorial project and CayenneModeler

1. I'm having some problems with the UI in CayenneModeler. When adding
an attribute, I tab over to "Type" and expect that I can select using
arrow keys or typing. If I type a letter, the dropdown list arrow
appears, but I can't change it's value. Is this normal?

2. In the DbRelationship Info dialog box I can't tab among inputs. I
can tab to "Reverse Relationship" and back, but no further -- i.e.
only the TextFields. If I do tab further, I can't get back inside

Those aren't that important, just annoying as I can't stand having to
use the mouse for everything.

3. There seem to be inconsistencies in the field naming in the
tutorial. The data model at the top
indicates that ARTIST's primary key is called "ARTIST_ID", but the
text says

"Let's rename it to ID, make it an INTEGER and make it a PK:"

The graphic immediately below this also indicates that the field is
actually ARTIST_ID

I didn't mind this and assumed a simple typo in the text, but
GALLERY's primary key is just called "ID", for which see the "Repeat
this procedure for PAINTING and GALLERY entities." graphic.

4. The result of the above is that you can't actually do the "Mapping
Database Relationships" section. If my ARTIST pkey is called
ARTIST_ID, that field is only available as a Source, not a target, for
the relationship

After experimenting a bit, I discovered that if I ignore the graphics
and call the field ID, I can get the result from this section -- but
*only if I create the ARTIST_ID field in the
PAINTING entity first.

I was inclined to think that the text simply forgot to say "make
additional attributes to match the data model above" or something, but
in this case the primary keys would be called ARTIST_ID, PAINTING_ID,
etc. rather than just ID

I find this pretty frustrating. The tut says I should repeat these
steps for other relationships, but I can't tell if these were done
right, because of the inconsistencies.


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