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From Aristedes Maniatis <>
Subject Re: Any other ROP examples?
Date Thu, 09 Oct 2008 04:30:07 GMT

On 08/10/2008, at 9:26 PM, Demetrios Kyriakis wrote:

> I wanted to use DataViewes too because it looks much closer to what  
> I need (from a Swing perspective), but it doesn't look to work with  
> the ROP "transport" style (or maybe I don't get the big picture of  
> how to make it work).

Dataviews are no longer part of the core Cayenne library. We did look  
at using them a while ago, but decided they would not be that helpful  
for our needs. In theory they can reduce the amount of data sent, but  
in practice when using paging, that isn't a problem for even tables  
with lots of columns.

> Does ROP support some sort of "offline work" ? e.g. when for various
> reasons a few minutes the client is disconnected, to be still  
> responsive?

Nothing about ROP works in this way. But you could write your code to  
gracefully deal with the exceptions you will get from the broken  
connection. That will probably be very complex to write robustly:  
think of all the data collision issues you'll have when the connection  
comes online again. I guess it depends on how much of your data is  

On the other hand, when using something like Jetty as the servlet  
server, when the connection comes back up it will resume the session  
quite happily as long as the session timeout hasn't elapsed.

> What about the cache-ing strategy on the Client? I mean how smart is  
> it?

Pretty much the same as in single tier, but you can't use SHARED_CACHE  

> Can this all be configured simply from the Cayenne Modeler like for  
> Cayenne Classic?




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