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From Devyandu <>
Subject Re: Strange problem - all relationships not available at runtime
Date Sun, 03 Aug 2008 14:07:58 GMT
Thanks a lot for the hint. That was it.
The changed xml files were not being copied from src to WEB-INF/class
, could be permissions. So the changes I made were being reflected on
the JAVA end but not in the xmls.

I stopped server, deleted files and did a fresh build, all is fine.
On Sun, Aug 3, 2008 at 4:58 AM, Andrey Razumovsky
<> wrote:
> Very strange. Are you using some App Server? Are you sure the XMLs used on
> the server side contain those missing rels? If _CourseState is fine, the
> problem must be in XML descriptions
> 2008/8/2, Devyandu <>:
>> Need your expert help.
>> It could be a silly mistake on my part, but here goes.
>> CourseState has a few fields and these relationships:
>> <obj-relationship name="studentCoursesArray" source="CourseState"
>> target="StudentCourses" db-relationship-path="studentCoursesArray"/>
>> <obj-relationship name="toCourse" source="CourseState" target="Course"
>> db-relationship-path="toCourse"/>
>> <obj-relationship name="toState" source="CourseState" target="State"
>> db-relationship-path="toState"/>
>> But at runtime whenever I get a CourseState object it exposes only
>> it's direct properties and the toState relationship. The other two
>> relationships are not available.
>> I also did a System.out.println(csobj); And this is what I get
>> {<ObjectId:CourseState, course_state_id=1>; committed;
>> [numQuestions=>2; enabled=>N; toState=>?; numCredits=>999]}
>> The _CourseState class seem fine.
>> All XMLs have been auto generated and not hand edited.
>> Any suggestions on what else to look at ?
>> Thanks
>> DB

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