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From Chris Murphy <>
Subject Call a service, but still with one DataContext
Date Mon, 11 Aug 2008 01:24:16 GMT
Hi Group,

I am trying to get my head round how Cayenne would work with Spring 
services. The great advantage of Cayenne is that it is designed for 
exposing the domain model. But applications will still always have 
functions best performed as a service. Having two DataContexts leads to 
confusion. So is the solution is to have Tomcat embedded in Cayenne's 
server-side software? The requirement is to have no more than one 
DataContext per user on the server. (There will be a proxy-DataContext 
on each client to enable domain exposure). I'm trying 
to get my head around achieving "one DataContext".

Would this embedded instance of Tomcat conflict with the server 
machine's already running Tomcat instance?

I haven't yet looked at how Cayenne's server-side software is invoked. 
Can it only be sparked off as a servlet? Or can a program I write be 
sparked off say from the command line - in which case it could create a 
DataContext that is handed as a global to an embedded instance of Tomcat 
and thereby somehow made easily available 
to Spring services that the client apps will call back to?

thanks - Chris

Seaweed Software Pty Ltd,

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