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From Laurent Marchal <>
Subject Unique persistent object and caching issue
Date Tue, 15 Jul 2008 12:25:33 GMT
Hi all,

    I have a problem that i cannot solve. My customer has a strange
database schema : each table has a related "AUX" table where extended
properties are stored in rows. For example

  |         Artist       |
  | Id | Name            |
  |  1 | John Smith      |

  |          Artist_AUX              |
  | Id | Name            |   Value   |
  |  1 | DateOfBirth     |  18/02/70 |
  |  1 | Gender          |  Male     |
  |  1 | NickName        |  JSmith   |

It was a solution for my customer to store a lot of extended properties
for Artist without adding/removing columns in the Artist table...

To deal with this, i do not want to make a SQL request each time the
user want to set/get an AUX property.
So i created an AuxManager which basically fetch all aux rows in the AUX
table the first time the user want to get/set a value in the AUX.
This way only one request is made to fetch all extended properties.

A simplified Artist class looks like :

    class Artist {
       //extended properties list
       private list<Artist_AUX> _auxList;

       public getDateOfBirth() {
            if (_auxList == null) {
                   _auxList = Artist.fetchAllArtistAux();
             return _auxList.get("DateOfBirth");

    The getDateOfBirth() is an extended property, so if the aux row list
is null, I fetch all the Artist_AUX rows in one time and then do the stuff.

    My problem is : since cayenne has only 1 instance of each unique
persistent object, the persistent Artist object is not re-created for
each query, so the internal "list<Artist_AUX> _auxList" is not reseted
to null, and the extended properties are not refreshed.

How can i force this list to be refreshed when a fresh Artist object is
fetched ? Or is there another way to do that ?

Laurent Marchal.

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