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From "Chris Gamache" <>
Subject Help! I need the magic no-cache recipe
Date Mon, 09 Jun 2008 20:08:53 GMT
Using Cayenne 2.0.3 ...

I'm having problems when I use an accessor to get rows from a related
table. It pulls fresh data the first time I use the accessor, but if
data is modified outside of the Java application, it is not reflected
the next time I use the accessor in a different execution stack within
the same JVM.

List rowsA = context.performQuery(someQuery);
SomeTable dataSetA = rowA.getRelatedRows();
//object rowA and dataSetA and someQuery pass out of scope
//Data is Modified directly on the database, not in Java application
List rowsB = context.performQuery(theSameQuery);
SomeTable expectedModifiedButGotSetA = rowB.getRelatedRows();

The primary key which the relation uses to get the related data
doesn't change from rowsA to rowsB. We're looking at the same related
rowset, just updated data.

I would like to know what is the magic no-cache recipe to force that
particular accessor to always pull fresh data from the database...

It appears that SelectQuery doesn't suffer from the same problem.

I'm sure there's some configuration switches that I can trip, but
there are several places caching policies can be modified and several
confusingly similar yet different options to choose from.

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