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From Jerald Dawson <>
Subject Exception in SAXParserFactory.newInstance with 3.0M4
Date Mon, 30 Jun 2008 19:55:16 GMT

I'm new to  cayenne (actually a webobjects guy) and I'm trying to get  
it working. I'm was able able to get modeler working and I created a  
model for accessing a mysql database. Everything seemed pretty simple  
but now when I try to run my app that uses the model, when I call  
DataContext.createDataContext(), it terminates my app. I've poked  
around a bit and the crash is actually happening in the  
SAXParserFactory.newInstance method that is called during the  
ConfigLoader initialization, specifically during the  "parser =  
Util.createXmlReader();" call. Seems to be throwing a class not found  
exception but I can't be sure since it just ungracefully terminates  
the app with not stack dump. Anyway, that kind of puzzles me since my  
understanding was the all the SAX parser stuff came with java (I'm  
using 1.5 on Mac OS X 10.5). I thought it might be that it could be  
that it can't find my xml files but I tried just hard coding the path  
to the cayanne.xml file and it still does not work. Any help would be  

jerald dawson

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