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From Adrian Wiesmann <>
Subject Questions about Ordering, Optimistic Locking and QueryTable
Date Sun, 18 May 2008 14:09:54 GMT
Hello list

Instead of writing three separate mails I thought it would make sense to
pack these three questions together:

I am having a list of DataObjects where one field represents a human
readable Id. Something like this:

"1.1.1" (as example)

When using the (offline) ordering mechanism of Cayenne to order a list of
DataObjects, things get ugly when I am introducing numbers above 10. Like
the following example:


I would like to have the 1.10.x numbers below the 1.2.x numbers. Which
means I would like to sort mathematically and not alphabetically.

Is there any possibility to tell Cayenne to sort differently? Or would I
need to add a new (virtual) field to the DataObject with a clean sort
number and have Cayenne sort that field instead?

Optimistic Locking
My DataObjects contain a datetime field and a string field which both are
used for optimistic locking. Basically the fields contain the datetime of
the last change plus the user Id of the user persisting the change.

When using optimistic locking with Derby everything works as expected.
When using the same code and configuration with PostgreSQL (7 and 8) I
receive an optimistic locking failure although nothing has changed on the
database in the meantime.

When I then remove the datetime field only from the optimistic locking
check things work as expected.

Has anybody experienced the same? Is this a known problem or am I missing

We were discussing that on this list before. I am looking for a way to
generate DataObjects without a reference to a table in the database.
Something like a virtual DataObject. 

My usage scenario is it to have a DataObject which can be bound to the UI
but which is only used to prepare data for a query and never should be
persisted to the database.

I remember some discussion about introducing some kind of inheritance to
Cayenne which would support my usage scenario. I just wanted to check back
with you if something already happened there?

Thanks for your help.


P.S: Andrus: I remember you talking about being interested in learning
about experiences with Apache Wicket? The Wicket Framework is great and
using it with Cayenne works like a charm. Wicket is really a webframework
done right! 

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