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From Alexis <>
Subject Re: Many-to-many bug?
Date Tue, 15 Apr 2008 10:17:37 GMT

I ran into the same issue, i guess.
Here's a summary : 
A <-->>RelAB<<-->B
I get all the RelAB for an A, remove all these objects, readd some new RelAB
to this A and a B and then commit, all of this in a dedicated datacontext.
In the logs, the inserts statements are generated as expected, the delete
statements are not.
Something weird is that dc.deletedObjects(); returns the correct objects to
be deleted before i do the commit(); so i guess there's a bug when
generating the statements corresponding to graph changes.
Or did i miss something ?

I use the same workaround as Scott, commit the changes after removing the
RelABs, but i would like to keep things transactionnal as much as

Thanks for your answer

Scott A wrote:
> Hi all,
> I've got a many-to-many relationship. For one object, I'm trying to
> clear all of the entries in the relational table, and then re-add them
> BEFORE doing a commit. If I do this, Cayenne tries to do an INSERT and
> then a DELETE, but this fails since the relational table has both fields
> as PKs. My application must handle the condition where no action is
> actually required on the database end, but it doesn't seem like the
> application logic should be responsible for database quirks.
> Is there a simple way to solve this? My temporary solution is to do a
> commit after removing the relationships and before re-adding them.
> Thanks,
> Scott

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