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From "Andreas Bobek" <>
Subject java.lang.ClassFormatError
Date Mon, 14 Apr 2008 03:34:43 GMT

I use cayenne 2.0.4, tomcat 5.5 and jdk 1.5.
I generated (cgen) a superclass (_Basket) and a subclass (Basket) with no
problem and use them in a standard servlet. I even can create instances and
commit changes to the database. It all works fine.

But in certain circumstandes I get a java.lang.ClassFormatError (at most
"Invalid SourceFile attribute at constant pool index 63") in one of the
three classes depending on where I first of all access a java.util.List via

For example in _Basket this would crash:


or in my servlet:

List baskets = DataContext.createDataContext().performQuery(query);
Basket basket = (Basket) baskets.get(0);

I spent the last two days on that problem and meanwhile tested it at three
different machines (win2000, xp, suse). It's always the same.

Can somebody give me a hint? What I not tested yet is instead of using
cayenne.jar using the lighter version and put the dependencies on my own.
But could that really be the problem?

Thanks for helping, Andreas Bobek.

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