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From "Scott Anderson" <>
Subject RE: Get the number of FKs
Date Thu, 06 Mar 2008 20:42:55 GMT
Unfortunately, that doesn't produce SQL with the proper JOIN type: 

SELECT DISTINCT t0.idx, t0.manager_idx, FROM department t0, user
t1 WHERE t0.idx = t1.department_idx AND (t1.idx IS NULL) 

In a one-to-many (one department, many users) relationship, this query
doesn't make any sense, so perhaps this could be added as a feature
request to Cayenne.

I also tried matching against an empty list; that simply produced a
ClassCastException, since Cayenne was expecting an Integer.

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From: Mike Kienenberger [] 
Sent: Thursday, March 06, 2008 3:29 PM
Subject: Re: Get the number of FKs

I haven't tried it, but I would think that if anything were going to
work out of the box, it would be

expression =

Department.EMPLOYEE_LIST_RELATIONSHIP_PROPERTY may be named differently
in your generated classes -- it'd be equal to "employees", most likely.

Unfortunately, I don't know if you can do a null comparision against a
to-many relationship.

If not, I suspect your next best bet is to create an SQLTemplate.

I wouldn't bother with the intermediate step of fetching how many
employees are in the list -- I'd simply pull back all departments that
have no employees since you're planning on deleting them anyway, or at
least department primary keys.

On 3/6/08, Scott Anderson <> wrote:
> I've got a one-to-many relationship (employees belong to a 
> department),  and I'd like to search for departments that have no
>  Currently, I have something like:
>  foreach(dept : departments) {
>     if(dept.getEmployees().size() == 0)
>         context.deleteObject(dept);
>  }
>  When I do this, it has the effect of telling Cayenne to fetch data 
> rows  for every employee in the database; this will not scale well. Is

> there  any way I can get the size of the array without doing a custom 
> SELECT  query?

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