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From "Michael Gentry" <>
Subject Re: How to migrate from Hibernate to Cayenne?
Date Thu, 21 Feb 2008 23:51:57 GMT
I pretty much concur with Malcom's thoughts.  You aren't alone.  :-)

2008/2/21 Malcolm Edgar <>:
> <rant>
>  Well personally I think the whole POJO thing has been completely over
>  done. Sure EJB entity beans were not much fun, but saying everything
>  should now extend java.util.Object is stupid.  With persistence API
>  entities need a bunch of support, you can use Cayenne model where you
>  subclass intelligent objects, or you can use "black magic" runtime
>  byte code enhancement.  I prefer the former because I can drill
>  through the code, and use a debugger. However all the fashion now days
>  it to go down the byte code enhancement path.
>  This is particularly stupid with Web frameworks, which have recently
>  adopted this fashion.  Now you see POJO's being used as a kind of a
>  page, with a bunch of annotations, maybe some XML configuration files,
>  and then some special byte code enhancement.  No decent windowing UI
>  framework has ever taken this approach Dephi, Swing, Flex.
>  The thing that I find really ironic, is that the Hibernate guys who
>  were using reflection previously bet the crap out of JDO camp, because
>  JDO were using invasive post compilation byte code enhancement.  Now
>  Hibernate now are using runtime byte code enhancement, but have still
>  manage to kill JDO, and create a new JPA based on their design.
>  </rant>
>  regards Malcolm Edgar

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