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From Дрон <>
Subject ROP: validation and callbacks
Date Tue, 26 Feb 2008 12:39:31 GMT

I've got yet another question about ROP. 
First, i can't figure out how to invoke some existing validation code manually.

Right now i don't have any 'Validating' interfaces implemented in my classes, but still there
are some constraints provided by cayenne.xml (like maximum length of a text field).
I guess this validation is invoked during 'validateForX' methods in SERVER classes. Note that
CLIENT classes don't event implement the 'Validating' interface, because they extend 'PersistentObject',
not 'CayenneDataObject'.
i don't actually understand the ROP architecture, but it seems that server classes functions
are somehow invoked during work with client classes. Also, if validation fails, i get exception
with mention of server class.

It is a good idea to check objects before making 'commintChanges', so the question is, how
can i manually invoke that already existing validation from client side? And will my own validation
work if i implement 'Validating' by client class (how will it collide with that existing validation)?

The second problem is that lifecycle callbacks don't seem to work with ROP at all. I add listener
to ObjectContext.getEntityResolver.getCallbackRegistry(), but it is never invoked. It this
feature implemented?


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