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From "Malcolm Edgar" <>
Subject Re: on hibernate vs. cayenne
Date Thu, 28 Feb 2008 09:33:36 GMT
Hi Robert,

Cayenne gives you a little more information that Hibernate, it that
you can get all the DbAttributes assocated with an CayenneObject, e.g.
the maximum string/varchar length.

If you are doing very generic code, it can be useful to add a public
accessor method to get at the internal Cayenne map of properties.

regards Malcolm Edgar

On Thu, Feb 28, 2008 at 1:47 AM, Robert Zeigler
<> wrote:
> Since we've been on the topic of hibernate and cayenne... I had a
>  question for those cayenne users who have used hibernate.
>  On the tapestry user list, there's been some discussion lately about
>  generic edit pages for objects.  Most recently, a user mentioned
>  having 30 entities and thus having 30 edit pages.  The user was
>  wondering if there was some way to have a single edit page for all of
>  those entities.  I have an app right now with about 20 user-editable
>  entities.  The "view" page for all of these entities is the same.  The
>  "edit" page for all of these entities is the same.  Note also that
>  this includes sorting, and the view table does interesting things like
>  filtering, sorting, links between objects in relationships, etc.  All
>  of this is possible largely due to cayenne's rich support of object
>  meta-data, with lots of information about properties and relationships.
>  So my question is: does hibernate make the same amount of metatdata
>  available that cayenne does?
>  Robert

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