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From "Malcolm Edgar" <>
Subject Imports
Date Mon, 18 Feb 2008 03:07:53 GMT
Hi All,

We had an issue a while ago where we were performing an large XML
import into a database using Cayenne.

What we wanted to do was to insert data, as we parsed the XML, because
in latter code we wanted to perform SQL queries to determine the
existence of records.  The import was not into an empty database, and
we had to do matching against previous records.

Once the entire import is completed we then want to commit or rollback.

The issue we encountered with Cayenne is that to insert a record we
had to perform a commit, where we reallly only wanted to commit at the
end of the import.

Is there a way in Cayenne, possibly using Transactions, that we can
perform this import, do inserts and queries against the transaction
and only commit/rollback at the end?

regards Malcolm Edgar

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