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From David Marko <>
Subject Re: CayenneObjectManager - alternative API for using Apache Cayenne
Date Sun, 24 Feb 2008 11:23:40 GMT
I just read both links. I think that having some concept, that avoids using DAO 
schema, would be very good. For most web applications DAO is just overhead and 
require to write large infrastructure. Would be good to have flexibility of 
ActiveRecord or Django ORM for many solutions where just 5 tables are involved 
and developer need to design application in quick way. My implementation came 
from . Author here creates entire ORM from 
scratch, I rather prefer ot use existing ORM(like Cayenne) and just create 
alternative API above.

BTW: I think this is why people enjoy using GORM in Grails. GORM is just higher 
layer over Hibernate implemented in Groovy. People ussualy cry when using 
Hibernate in JAVA but praise GORM which stays over Hibernate. So good API matters.


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