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From Marek Wawrzyczny <>
Subject Cayenne and Spring (a Hibernate inspired question)
Date Tue, 26 Feb 2008 12:13:44 GMT

It has been a while since I last used Cayenne and that was within a Swing ROP 

More recently I have been involved in writing a Spring MVC/Hibernate 
application. The experience has only made me fonder for Cayenne and now it 
appears that the team I'm in may consider ORM alternatives.

My application is relatively simple CRUD application with the exception of one 
set of two screens, where all data entry culminates in a parent/child 
interface (using Spring's AbstractWizardFormController ).

The object graph can become somewhat complex, combining objects from about 10 
different entities. The pages ideally would require a long-running session, 
or rather a ObjectContext spanning several requests.

I'm curious as to how well does Cayenne handle these types of interfaces in 
web applications.

The other problem we're currently having is sorting across multiple 

I'm curious as to other people's experiences in this area. I would love to be 
able to convince the team to move to Cayenne if the framework fits the bill.

Kind regards,

Marek Wawrzyczny

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