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From "Daniel Kvasnička jr." <>
Subject Re: CayenneRuntimeException: Can't find id
Date Sat, 19 Jan 2008 20:11:51 GMT
> Firstly, this is really quite fast. We use this approach on a Swing
> application (three tier) with our largest customer now with 120,000
> contacts in one table. Pulling this across the network takes only a
> few seconds. Remember that Cayenne is just fetching the primary key
> from the database for all but the page of data you want to fault.

Well, from that SQL log and from what Andrus have said it doesn't seem
so. You're probably using 3.0?

Also, I've tried setting a name for the query and tried all of the
cache policies listed here and cayenne
still fetches everything on every page load -- with whatever cache
policy I choose.
When I remove setPageSize, caching works, so it's paradoxically better
than with paging. With paging, on every page cayenne retrieves full
table + records relevant for the page. Without paging, caching works,
so full table is read, but only once and on every page there is "SQL
silence" from now on (it is evident that this is unusable -- storing
whole table in the cache)

So how can I make cayenne 2.x read IDs (or full table and retain only
IDs) on first paginated query run and then query only for relevant
records? Am I doing something wrong when setting cache policy?

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