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From "Daniel Kvasnička jr." <>
Subject CayenneRuntimeException: Can't find id
Date Mon, 14 Jan 2008 20:07:43 GMT
Hi people,
I've bumped into an error with cayenne 2.0.4 and the only similar
things I found were this message
and the bug CAY-643 (and those linked to it).

What I do is that I load a page with paginated query (list of
articles, first 10), then I hit "new article" on the page, create and
save the article and return back to the list.
Then I paginate to find the newly added article and when I enter the
page it is on and the page is the last page at the same time, I get
the CayenneRuntimeException with "Can't find id for [the newly added
article]" (i.e. when I set sorting to, let's say, by ID DESC -- which
puts the new article to the first page -- everythong is OK on all

I understand there is the problem with long vs. int and that it will
be fixed in 3.0, so how can I as a user prevent this error in 2.0.4?
This seems to me like a very common scenario in listing records and
doing CRUD operations, but it seems almost nobody encounters this. Do
you guys adandon pagination and use raw sql?

I wanted to try 3.0M2, but when using it Stripes couldn't find any
ActionBeans url mappings -- strange.

Thanks for all hints in advance,

-- -- webdesign & corporate design,
programování internetových a intranetových aplikací

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