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From Florijan Stamenkovic <>
Subject Re: Databinding library released
Date Tue, 22 Jan 2008 16:03:53 GMT

On Jan 22, 2008, at 03:15, Adrian Wiesmann wrote:

> Hello Florijan
> Nice work.


>> I am hoping that some of you Cayenne users would chip in the hour or
>> two needed for implementing Cayenne support. The website describes in
>> detail how this can be done.
> Could be interesting to look into your Databinding together with  
> what was
> already done with DataViews. I had a quick look and my first  
> impression is
> it that there are at least similarities.
> But I am walking into another direction right now. I am working on a
> declarative UI and DataBinding framework in which you design the UI  
> in an
> XML formatted file (similar to HTML) and directly define the data  
> binding
> within that XML structure. A renderer does then take that XML file and
> renders a Swing, Wicket or FOP representation from the defined  
> structure.
> A code-behind class handles events and stuff.
> Said so I will have a look into your binding framework to see if I  
> could
> remove my own binding mechanism and use yours instead. The main  
> problem I
> currently see is that we have to parse the binding information and
> translate this to a binding information which your framework would
> understand.

Well, I suppose binding information can only vary so much, in the end  
you always connect a property of a data carrying object with a user  
interface element. I think the complexity of what you want to do  
depends on other issues. For example, would you go for a completely  
generated user interface, or would you combine XML binding with user  
interfaces laid out by hand? If it is all generated, does your XML  
also contain "hints" as to how the user interface should be  
generated? If it does not, how do you control the layout of the  
interface? In my opinions these are some of the tough questions when  
one is designing what I understand you are. But I'm pretty sure you  
could integrate JBND into it.


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