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From Kevin Menard <>
Subject Enum best practices
Date Wed, 16 Jan 2008 15:43:32 GMT
Hi all,

I'm looking at a problem that enums look like a good fit for, but I've never
bothered with Cayenne's enum support.  So, I'm looking for some help on best

What I have is an "orders" table that I would like to store an "eval_status"
value to indicate whether the order is as an evaluation order and at what
stage of the eval it is.

Normally, I decompose everything and would have an "eval_status" table with
various values and set up an FK constraint on an "eval_status_id" column on
the "orders" table.  I don't expect these values to change, but if they do,
I'd like to be able to do a simple UPDATE statement on the one row.

In my code, however, I think it would be really nice to be able to use
expressions such as: if (EvalStatus.CONVERTED == order.getEvalStatus()).  It
seems that this would be much nicer than using a Cayenne DO for the

Despite all of this, I don't want to be binding the data model too tightly
to Java.  In the past we've used Python to access the DB, so I'd like to
support that as well as I can.

The best way I've come up with is if the enum maps its values to the PKs of
the entries in "eval_status" table.  I think this would achieve what I'd
like, with the downside that referential integrity may be compromised if I
update one but not the other.

Is this largely what others are doing?  Or, do you just use VARCHAR columns
and not worry about the normalization of the DB?


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