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From Adrian Wiesmann <>
Subject Re: Databinding library released
Date Tue, 22 Jan 2008 07:15:21 GMT
Hello Florijan

Nice work.

> I am hoping that some of you Cayenne users would chip in the hour or
> two needed for implementing Cayenne support. The website describes in
> detail how this can be done.

Could be interesting to look into your Databinding together with what was
already done with DataViews. I had a quick look and my first impression is
it that there are at least similarities.

But I am walking into another direction right now. I am working on a
declarative UI and DataBinding framework in which you design the UI in an
XML formatted file (similar to HTML) and directly define the data binding
within that XML structure. A renderer does then take that XML file and
renders a Swing, Wicket or FOP representation from the defined structure.
A code-behind class handles events and stuff.

Said so I will have a look into your binding framework to see if I could
remove my own binding mechanism and use yours instead. The main problem I
currently see is that we have to parse the binding information and
translate this to a binding information which your framework would


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