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From "Michael Gentry" <>
Subject AESPasswordEncoder
Date Wed, 26 Dec 2007 15:31:45 GMT
If you are in a country that supports the Java encryption option and
want a stronger password encryption option for storing your passwords
with Cayenne Modeler (3.0 feature), I have placed an example AES
encoder at:

Add to a project somewhere (or compile it as a
separate project), changing the package if needed, then make sure
Cayenne Modeler can see it (Preferences -> ClassPath).  You may need
to restart the modeler (I seemed to need to do that before for the
class path change to be picked up).  Then edit your DataNode and for
the encoder, type in the full path to the class, something like
examples.cayenne.encoder.AESPasswordEncoder and enter a password key
(currently labeled "Salt") that will be used to encrypt and decrypt
the password.  For AES, the key should be 16 characters in length, but
the example will make it 16 if you don't enter enough.

Hope that helps someone.  I'll try to document this better soon.


PS. Cayenne doesn't ship with real encryption encoders, so if you
want/need this feature, you have to provide your own encoder like the
example one.
PPS. This will only encrypt the database password and nothing else.

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