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From Robert Zeigler <>
Subject Re: Design Issue: unique value
Date Thu, 27 Dec 2007 18:36:43 GMT
Hi Joe,

Depends on if you need incrementally unique identifiers, or if you  
need just need a unique number.
I have situations where I need unique "transaction ids", but they  
don't have to be ordered in any particular manner.
I use java's random number generation facilities to generate a random  
number, then attempt to select a datarow from the database with that  
number; if I successfully select one, the number isn't unique and the  
process is repeated until I get a unique number. I use 9 digit  
numbers, so the likelihood of ever generating the same number twice is  
very small, and in practice, the loop never gets executed twice.


On Dec 27, 2007, at 12/2712:26 PM , Joe Baldwin wrote:

> This is an upper level design question associated with how to best  
> generate a unique value using Cayenne and MySQL.
> Step 1:
> I have an existent Entity with a primary key (oid).  Per the Cayenne- 
> recommended best practices I am avoiding direct access of this  
> primary key and have created another attribute (orderID) that must  
> be unique.  So upon doing my Cayenne homework I read that the  
> standard behavior in the DBMS model and the ORM model is to support  
> only one auto-generated column and this is typically the PK column  
> not related to my data abstraction.
> Step 2:
> So then I thought, well I will just use the MySQL "MAX()" function,  
> find the max value, increment and voila I have generate my own  
> unique number. When I tried to implement this design I ran into  
> problems with SQLTemplate query attempting to bind the result of  
> MAX(orderID) to an existent data object.
> Step 3:
> I guess I could always execute a "select *" on the entity and find  
> the max attribute-value with a "for" loop, but that seems kind of  
> Neanderthal.  OK, so I am now thinking someone must have solved this  
> sort of design issue before I bumped into it.  What is the best way  
> to solve this issue using Cayenne design patterns?
> Thanks,
> Joe

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