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From Adrian Wiesmann <>
Subject ROP Question
Date Tue, 04 Dec 2007 20:46:16 GMT
Hello all

I am currently thinking about using Cayenne ROP with bleeding edge
Cayenne 3. I like the idea to use the functionality of web services
without the pain of web services. There is only one problem for which I
hope somebody has an answer or solution (or idea).

My application currently runs an embedded Derby database. The decision to
use Derby as an embedded DB was because like that the user does not need
to install and maintain a database server. I always had the idea that when
running the tool in a multi user environment we could switch from the
embedded database to a database server without any problem. Theoretically
this is true. Practically JDBC is a problem in some environments.

So here is my problem. While I would like to keep the embedded database
for single user scenarios, I would also like to use ROP for multi user

Can I implement both and switch from one to the other mechanism with a
simple (to be implemented) configuration switch? From what I read in the
documentation Hessian uses a new ObjectContext? That is probably the easy
part. But what about client and server code in the client? Can I mix this?
Or is there some simple trick?

Thanks for your help.


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