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From "Michael Lepine" <>
Subject CayenneModeler and Reengineering Database Schema
Date Mon, 26 Nov 2007 22:06:46 GMT
Hello all.

I am currently using CayenneModeler version 2.0.3 to reengineer a
database schema and generate the subsequent Java classes. Some of the
ObjEntity instances have primary/foreign keys mapped manually because
these keys are generated by another process (outside of the Cayenne
framework). The schema that I manage is very large and is periodically
updated as part of maintenance and new development tasks. In order to
update the model ( file) with the schema changes, I go
through a fairly tedious process that involves the following:

1. update database schema
2. copy cayenne configuration files (cayenne.xml, and
...driver.xml) to a temp directory
3. start CayenneModeler
4. open the project from the temp directory
5. run Tools > Reengineer Database Schema
6. when prompted that a table exists, I opt to overwrite it to ensure
I get all updates
7. save (temp) project
8. compare the differences between the temp map.xml and original
map.xml files, manually copying the updates from the original to the
temp file
9. test that I haven't made mistakes by opening the temp project and
then double-checking it visually if it loads

I do this because the manual mappings in the ObjEntity instances are
removed when I run Reengineer Database Schema which does not seem like
desired behavior. I would expect manual attribute mappings created in
the ObjEntity instances to remain after reengineering a schema if:

1. the same schema is being reengineered
2. the corresponding DbEntity attribute still exists

I downloaded the 2.0.4 and 3.0M2 versions of the Modeler to see if the
behavior was different. It appears that manually mapped ObjEntity
attributes are dropped in all versions under the above scenario.

Is there an easier/more efficient way to update my model (map.xml) files?

Has anyone else encountered a similar issue?

Thank you for your help.

- Mike

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