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From "Alexander Lamb (dev)" <>
Subject Batch faulting with Cayenne 3
Date Wed, 14 Nov 2007 13:11:00 GMT
Hello list,

One thing is killing performance of our application: it is the  
resolving of individual to-one faults in lists.

For example, we can have 200 roles each refering to a person.

When we loop through the roles, for each role where we do a  
role.getPerson() there will be a return trip to the database.

In the EOF days, there was a possibility to define a batch faulting  
strategy for the entity. In that we would say for example "batch fault  
20 for person" and the first time a to-one fault to person from role  
would be found, it would look in the data context for up to 19 more to  
build a single SQL statement and fetch in one go the person objects  
and resolve up to 20 faults.

Is this feature available somewhere in Cayenne 3m2 or planned in the  
near future?

If not, is there some kind of callback or hook wich would allow us to  
do the same thing?



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