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From Gilberto C Andrade <>
Subject Re: Cayenne POJO enhancer
Date Thu, 25 Oct 2007 18:41:03 GMT
Andrus Adamchik wrote:
> On Oct 25, 2007, at 7:36 PM, Gilberto C Andrade wrote:
>>> In other words if that's an offer to work together with Cayenne
>>> developers to address the things missing or broken in the JPA provider,
>>> we will gladly accept such help.
>> That's the intention! We hope to help and not bring more problem!
> Very cool. I would suggest to subscribe to the Cayenne dev list when
> things comes to discussion of the needed Cayenne improvements.
>> We don't want to use the hibernate tags! Our idea was ignore them and
>> map it by hand or with cayenne help.
>> Just think as there not exists any hibernate tag, only the POJO api.
>> How can we map and use them as is?
> ....
>>> As for the documentation, I suggest the JPA spec [1] for the full list
>>> of annotations.
>> All this new thing are annotations dependent?
> Ok, I think now I see what you are getting at. We currently advertise
> using either traditional Cayenne API (i.e. inherit from
> CayenneDataObject) or JPA-compatible POJOs (that require either
> annotations or JPA XML descriptor).
After take a look at the ejb-3_0-fr-spec-persistence.pdf file, I found
how we can do it:
An object/relational mapping XML file contains mapping information for
the classes listed in it. A object/relational mapping XML file named
orm.xml may be specified in the META-INF directory in the root of the
persistence unit or in the META-INF directory of any jar file referenced
by the persistence.xml. Alternatively, or in addition, other mapping
files may be referenced by the map-ping-file elements of the
persistence-unit element, and may be present anywhere on the class path.

Mainly this one:
 An orm.xml file or other mapping file is loaded as a resource by the
persistence provider. If a mapping file is specified, the classes and
mapping information specified in the mapping file will be

Will the cayenne modeler support the ability to add Persistent Types
(Entities, etc) to the ORM XML?
This link
(go to the end and see), illustrate the idea.
> But there is a less-known middle-ground option - POJO's working with
> traditional Cayenne API. If I understand correctly you'd prefer this
> option? As we've placed most of the 3.0 effort into JPA, this has been
> somewhat neglected, but it is still a workable solution. Let me
> elaborate on it a bit:
> * It does NOT require annotations.
> * It does require regular Cayenne mapping created with CayenneModeler.
> * It does require class enhancement.

But how can we change/customize the mapping, since we are dealing with a
legacy database?

> Here is one simple example - our POJO integration tests subproject:
> As you may see, it has a regular Cayenne .map.xml on the classpath, and
> starts with the agent option: "-javaagent:cayenne-agent-3.0-SNAPSHOT.jar".
> Andrus

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