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From Gilberto C Andrade <>
Subject Re: Cayenne POJO enhancer
Date Thu, 25 Oct 2007 16:36:49 GMT
First, sorry for double post (we have some problems with firewall)
> Hehe, of course I'll suggest to help Cayenne, but you've been warned ;-)
> In other words if that's an offer to work together with Cayenne
> developers to address the things missing or broken in the JPA provider,
> we will gladly accept such help.

That's the intention! We hope to help and not bring more problem!
>> But, I can map those pojos to jpa config file by hand, can't I?
> I am not a Hibernate expert, so I don't know if there's one-to-one
> mapping between Hibernate and JPA annotations across the board. But it
> appears that there is at least a close match. From your example:

We don't want to use the hibernate tags! Our idea was ignore them and
map it by hand or with cayenne help.
Just think as there not exists any hibernate tag, only the POJO api.
How can we map and use them as is?

> Hibernate:
> generator-class="sequence" column="cdarea" unsaved-value =
> "null"
> @hibernate.generator-param name = "sequence" value =
> "scc.scc_area_sequence"
> JPA:
> @SequenceGenerator(name="scc_area_sequence",
> sequenceName="scc.scc_area_sequence")
> Unfortunately this is also an example of an annotation currently ignored
> by Cayenne provider (i.e. the one that still needs to be bridged with
> Cayenne runtime), so that gives a glimpse of the limitations you'll have
> to deal with.
> As for the documentation, I suggest the JPA spec [1] for the full list
> of annotations. 
All this new thing are annotations dependent?

There's also a number of recent books on EJB3 and more
> specifically JPA.
> Andrus
> [1]
Thanks, it will help!

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