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From Eric Lazarus <>
Subject Java/Cayenne Compatible Business Rules Language: Suggestions? Velocity? (CRM Application)
Date Fri, 05 Oct 2007 15:13:15 GMT

First, let me thank you developers - Cayenne saves my rear everyday and I could not be more

I have a CRM application built on top of Cayenne (works great!) where deals move though a
work flow. We are using a version of Jboss' jBPM work flow engine where we use lots of BeanShell
scripts in the XML work flow document to represent both conditions as well as actions. It
took us a while to get it integrated but it does work for us pretty well. 

I am thinking that in addition (or perhaps someday instead of) the work flow engine, we should
have work flow “rules” so that an administrative user at the client site could add actions
to the work flow without having to understand the complex semantics and syntax of  jBPM. 

Can anyone suggest a rule system which would make adding actions to my system a sort of “user
serviceable part?” 

I do not need prolog-like backward chaining or OPS5-like forward chaining. I just need a very
simple syntax for asking questions about my DEAL and objects that are referenced by my DEAL,
i.e., :

If (deal.seller.getAge() < 18) and (deal.getOverride() < 27)
then deal.getRepresentative().sendDoListItem(“Handle age issue!”)  

I could use bean shell scripts. I could use the java version of python, I suppose. I was hoping
that there is a biz rule language that I could use and that, ideally, someone has seen work
well with Cayenne objects. Ideally I would like something open source/free and/or very cheap.
We have budget constraints.  

Do folks think I would be wise to use Velocity for this? See:

Is there a vb like language that I could use that could access my Cayenne objects, invoke
methods on them? 

PLEASE do not get hung up in the word RULES. Really these could be thought of as like triggers
for biz policies that it makes sense for end-users to edit, at least admin end users. 

Ever used a sales force tool like goldmine? These tools have an extension language to handle
automation and reminders. Something like that!



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