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From "Giulio Cesare Solaroli" <>
Subject Re: Optimize cascade deletes
Date Sat, 22 Sep 2007 13:02:37 GMT

On 9/22/07, Michael Gentry <> wrote:
> I run PostgreSQL on OS X and it is plenty fast enough.  The downside
> to PostgreSQL on OS X is there isn't an installer, so it is more work
> to build and install.  If you are Unix-savvy, though, this won't be
> much of a problem.

I have avoided installing PostgreSQL on my Mac, as it is not possible
to easily remove it, and I really hate to have the "postgres" user on
my Mac login window. :-)

> I've used PostgreSQL on Windows, too, which works alright overall.
> One thing that really harmed performance for me on Windows, though,
> was virus scanners and Pointsec, which does full HD encryption -- the
> combination of virus scanning every read/write + encryption really
> applies the brakes.  Speaking of encryption, do you have File Vault
> turned on under OS X?  If so, is your Parallels VM running on that
> file system?  I'd imagine that would really harm performance.

I don't have FileVault active, and I really have no issue with
performance of PostgreSQL running on the Parallels virtual machine
other than for this task.

I will try to collect the same log also from our deployment server,
that is on a Solaris zone c/o Joyent.

I will keep you updated.

Thanks for your attention.

Best regards,

Giulio Cesare

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