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From "Michael Gentry" <>
Subject Re:
Date Tue, 11 Sep 2007 13:30:26 GMT
Hi Taiq,

I've used Cayenne in a web application and if you are just wiring it
up for display (read-only, no input fields/etc), then there is not an
issue.  If you are wiring it up to actual inputs, I'd think you'd want
to be able to capture those changes to do a
dataContext.commitChanges().  If you don't commit the changes, they
still won't be committed to the database even if the user changes the

Hope that helps...


On 9/11/07, taiq hashash <> wrote:
> hi ,
> i have one question, the ORM ease up the database relations so u dont have to interact
with it but the return object (ORM) is linked to the database so if i changed anything on
the return objects List when i do a select query it will be reflected on the database , so
all i want to do is just list the data but without any risk of having my data to be compremized
. the solution could be thet i take the List of objects and create with it another List of
Objects that are not releational with the database and send it back to the presintation tier
. but i dont want to generate a huge number of classes , so my question is :
> is there a way to disbound the List of object which is returned by cayenne so it would
be safe to be sent to the presentation layer????
> thank you
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