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From "Alexander Lamb (dev)" <>
Subject Re: Null pointer in Cayenne 2.0.3 code
Date Sun, 02 Sep 2007 09:15:04 GMT


It now works (or at least, it goes past the problem I had).
Indeed, entityResolver was null.

Initializing correctly the DataContext made it work. Maybe adding an  
Exception in Cayenne warning of a null entity resolver (and telling  
how to initialize the DataContext) could help?

Well, again, thanks a LOT !!!

On a side note, we now have an application deployed with Cayenne  
2.0.3 since approximately 2 months using Tapestry 4.1

We are currently writing another app using Cayenne 2.0.3 and Tapestry  
5. Depending on schedule, we might move to Cayenne 3 in the near future.


>> But what you are saying is DataContext has a null EntityResolver.
> Yes, but I guess the first thing to check is whether my assumption  
> about this is true in your code [if(context.getEntityResolver() ==  
> null) { ... }].
>> This could come from deserializing a DataContext.
> Potentially, although in most cases it works, but see my last  
> comment below - I think another reason is more likely.
>> What else could make the DataContext loose the EntityResolver? Is  
>> there one EntityResolver per DataContext or per Entity?
> There's one shared by all contexts (it belongs to a DataDomain).
>> The DataContext is simply created doing a new DataContext().
> That is probably the reason. This constructor creates a DataContext  
> that is not attached to Cayenne stack (as its JavaDoc comment  
> states). I would recommend using a static factory method that  
> properly connects the context:
>    DataContext context = DataContext.createDataContext();
> Or if you instantiate Cayenne Configuration yourself instead of  
> using the default singleton, check the source of  
> 'createDataContext' and create the instantiation method that uses  
> your own configuration instance.
> Cheers,
> Andrus

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