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From "Emilian Bold" <>
Subject DataRowStore.sendUpdateNotification NullPointerException
Date Wed, 12 Sep 2007 15:18:54 GMT

I keep getting this exception:

	at org.apache.cayenne.access.DataRowStore.sendUpdateNotification(
	at org.apache.cayenne.access.DataRowStore.processSnapshotChanges(
	at org.apache.cayenne.access.DataRowStore.snapshotsUpdatedForObjects(
	at org.apache.cayenne.access.ObjectResolver.objectsFromDataRows(
	at org.apache.cayenne.access.ObjectResolver.synchronizedObjectsFromDataRows(
	at org.apache.cayenne.access.DataDomainQueryAction.interceptObjectConversion(
	at org.apache.cayenne.access.DataDomainQueryAction.execute(
	at org.apache.cayenne.access.DataDomain.onQuery(
	at org.apache.cayenne.util.ObjectContextQueryAction.runQuery(
	at org.apache.cayenne.access.DataContextQueryAction.execute(
	at org.apache.cayenne.access.DataContext.onQuery(
	at org.apache.cayenne.access.DataContext.performQuery(

on Cayenne 2.0.2.

This seems to happen always for the same Local EJB, while other Local
EJBs that use Cayenne in the same way seem to work. From a previous
email, it seems this has something to do with the serialization of the

What can I do to get rid of this ?

Emilian Bold

Emilian Bold
+40 740235562

Java and NetBeans Platform-loving consulting services from Timisoara, Romania.

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