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From Gilberto C Andrade <>
Subject Re: [POLL]: Cayenne 3.0 -- Java 1.4 or 5 support?
Date Fri, 14 Sep 2007 15:36:20 GMT
Andrus Adamchik wrote:
> On Aug 20, 2007, at 4:32 AM, Gilberto Caetano de Andrade wrote:
>> First I have to say something. It has some time that I have attempted
>> to introduce cayenne here in our department and one of the main
>> arguments that hasimpeded me was the support to the programming with
>> POJO.
>> But in this first project we are not using this option, being still in
>> phase of learning and mainly for this characteristic not available in
>> version 3.
>> But I have to admit, as DBA I find that these characteristics
>> (annotations, POJO, JPA, etc), they do not beat the modeller and the
>> useful technique to avoid overwriting of the custom code.
>> Thanks for your attention!
>> Gilberto.
>> PS.: We will try to switch to Cayenne 2.0.3 and see if the app works.
> Hi Gilberto,
> There is a revived discussion on the dev list about scheduling the Java
> 5 switch to happen after 3.0M2 release (i.e. 3.0M3 will be Java 5 only).
Hi Andrus,

Are you saying that I can use cayenne 3 (but just 3.0M2 release)?
As we are beginning with cayenne, what features does version 3 have that
make it better than 2.0.3?

> So I wanted to follow up with you on this. If you weren't successful in
> using 2.0.3 in you app (which I hope you were), one more possible option
> is applying retrotranslator to Cayenne jars:

Right now our webapp is in production using cayenne 2.0.3. So, we put
cayenne (in this case 2.0.3 and me, by suggesting it) in trial situation
with this project (a survey system). The first phase will be just
inclusions (collecting data, about a moth), after that will reports and
graphics (mainly statistics).
Well, thank is all I can say now!

> Note that I haven't tried this myself, and will be curious to hear the
> results if somebody does.
We thought about it some time ago, but we didn't have enough knowledge
to put something like that in production and support it.
But I think in our situation this may happen and sure we will try report
the results to the mail list.


> Cheers,
> Andrus

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