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From "Florin T.PATRASCU" <>
Subject Best practices for using Cayenne's ObjectContext in a web framework?
Date Sun, 23 Sep 2007 02:09:37 GMT
Hi there,

I am trying to add Cayenne support to the JPublish web framework  
( and being very new to Cayenne I  
would like, if possible, to find which is the best practice for  
obtaining and using the OC?

I browsed the threads here and most of the information I have show  
that one of the most common solution is to use the HttpSession.  
That's clear and I can do that very easy, but I wonder if there is a  
better way because I would like to use Cayenne for session-less  
requests as well. So, would it be prohibitive to create an OC for  
every HttpRequest? aka:

ObjectContext oc = DataContext.createDataContext();

If not, would this pattern affect the server stability (memory,  
handlers, threads, db pools, etc.)? What about having a global OC  
instance per application?

Also, is it safe to start developing on top of the Cayenne 3.x version?

Being my first post on this forum, I would like to thank Cayenne's  
creators for making it available and to you, the users, for the  
useful information accumulated in this forum during the time.

Thank you,

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