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From Adrian Wiesmann <>
Subject Introducing Gozer - Extending DataViews
Date Fri, 07 Sep 2007 15:22:27 GMT
Hello list

I'd like to introduce the project code-named Gozer to you. Gozer is
currently a proof of concept project where we try to take the idea of the
existing DataViews, to mix them with other ideas (XUL), and to find out
what would be possible and what would make sense.

Our main question was how we could extend Cayenne so that we can bind
DataObjects to Swing elements without having to code the whole UI for
every new frame or dialog. We also noticed that building frames with
multiple Swing components (which are in relation with each other) required
us to load several DataViews, separate DataObjectLists, etc.

We somehow always banged our heads against the ceiling (like we say over
here). So we designed Gozer with that goal: Quick and easy, data bound UI
generation with as few lines of code as possible.

We added some information about the current prototype of Gozer to our
Wiki. The example is far away from being complete, but you should be able
to get the general picture:


Now I would like to get your feedback. If you have a question or some
comment to make, please drop me a note.


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