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From "Tomi N/A" <>
Subject Re: ORM Comparison
Date Thu, 09 Aug 2007 20:18:37 GMT
2007/8/9, Joe Baldwin <>:

> Things change very quickly in the OpenSource world so perhaps I could
> have made a mistake, however, I don't think that I am that far off
> the mark.  Is there a white paper that might discuss the differences
> (couldn't find one at the Hibernate site)?  Does anyone have an opinion?

It's hard to compare the two seeing as most people use one or the other.
I use cayenne in my projects: I didn't know much about cayenne or
hibernate when I chose (2-3 years back).
At the moment, I'm considering using hibernate in (at least) some of
my applications because I've run into scalability issues I couldn't
find a satisfactory solution for: I need to process tens of thousands
of objects in memory so that I can generate reports. I got less than
satisfactory results with cayenne, but I see hibernate has at least
some (declarative support for large datasets:
Also, the modeler provides rather limited functionality when updating
(rather than regenerating) a mapping which is a fairly common
operation in my environment.
Don't get me wrong: if I wanted to list cayennes strong points, the
list would be very long, starting or finishing with probably the best
spirited community I've had the pleasure to be a part of. It's just
that in my case I ran into issues hibernate seems to address
explicitly, like the huge datasets I mentioned. Don't know if I'll run
into a wall with hibernate, as well. Maybe I'll miss ROP or

Anyway, enough from me.
Cheers and thumbs up to the people making cayenne what it is!

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